Here it is ! After some problem with the post production and the upload speed, you are finally able to see the interview I conducted with Jerome Reuter with your questions. I asked Jerome 95% of your questions, and Jerome was nice enough to answer all of them. He appears to me as a very calm, serene and thoughtful person. Concerning the languages, I spoke to Jerome in french before and after the interview, he even thought we would make the video in french ! Thanks for your mails, the interview is just right here :

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. Andreas_sha

    Hello from Minsk!
    Is it possible to get text version of the interview? We want to translate it for russian-speaking fans… All rights will be reserved, of course.
    Thank you.

    • Hell Hina

      Hi Andreas, and sorry for the very late reply, didn’t get any notification of your comment

      Sorry but I don’t have any text version of the interview. Even for my webzine – which is in french – I didn’t translate it because it would take me waaay too much time.


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